Say Goodbye to Paula, ya’ll…

Say Goodbye to Paula, ya'll...

The annoying aspect regarding this Paula Deen debacle is that this isn’t a teachable moment. It’s only encouraging closet racist to be “more careful”. The fact that the woman who brought the lawsuit against Paula is white, goes to show (IMO) how accepted this behavior had become to those around her. The real focus of this case was intended to be placed upon the sexual harassment allegations, but of course the racialized remarks were more titilating (pun intended).

Final Thought & PSA: Paula Deen is not being fiscally crucified merely for saying nigger. I was getting better at overlooking the ignorance (lack of knowledge, education or awareness [Webster]), but its hard to understand how some people draw such strong conclusions in her defense while freely displaying their inability to critically think. This isn’t about “a word” and neither is the true essence of racism. It’s about power, authority, influence AND slave fetishes. Paula said it best, “I is what I is” – don’t make that easier for her. Smh #OverIt


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