Bishop Long just had a “wreck”?

Honestly, no one on this earth owes anybody, anything! But what I do feel is that “overlooking” this (The Long case) is a huge mistake. This man has led march, sermon and forum against the very allegations he REFUSES to speak on. AND demonized a many in ATL…globally for doing something he’s accused of BUT won’t refute publicly. I worry about what the children are taking away from this in his congregation.

But, this is what happens when leadership feels they are more important than the people they “serve”…and feel they have nothing to prove…forgetting they WORK for the people. I could go on but I won’t. For whatever reason people love having their heads in the clouds. As long as ministry leaders remember their names, speak after service and pray for them upon request it’s all good; their commitment and contributions are locked down….Long is set for life.  

It all boils down to this very theory:
No one wants to be an outcast. Everybody is scared to speak up…about anything. That’s why society is the way it is. This is a real issue and public silence is being accepted…just like it probably is in his congregation. Why haven’t we learned by now that “what happens in this house, stays in this house” got us to this point in this first place? Smh…

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