“Just live a little….”

My mother is a supermom. Actually, I know folks like to think they have the most incredible mom of all but no. Forreal. My mom has got to be a secret angel. Not because she makes all the right choices. She doesn’t. Not because she says/tells me….or anybody…what I/they want to hear. Never does. But simply because she has the purest heart I have ever known. Somehow she allowed me to develop into my own person while still keeping that kiddy leash just long enough to make me feel independent. While I have always felt comfort in knowing that no matter what she will always have my back, I still feel the freedom to do me.

Growing up the most frequent and ANNOYING phrase she would always say to me was, “Just live a little….”, then she would either smile or wink. You wanna talk about pissed? HA! My inner Becky always wanted to scream out, “Shut up mom!!” but I wanted to continue to walk, talk and breathe normally so….yea….never tried it. Anyway, these moments often occurred when I went to her to speak my mind. Knowing how opinionated I am and that no matter what she said I would stubbornly resist her point-of-view, these words of wisdom would finally sink in and make me understand life from a more mature level.

Just the other day I went to my mom distressed over something. Actually ready to set it off as only I know how. After her spiel, which was quite persuasive and direct, she uttered, “Just live a little Tiff….continue to choose your battles wisely”. I hung up the phone getting “IT”. That as time goes on “IT” gets better, “IT” isn’t always that serious, and “IT” is what “IT” is. “IT” is all the stuff in life people see, hear, and experience differently. Life is what we make it and how we interpret certain moments but there is one thing to always keep in mind – Don’t let “IT” get the best of you. Doesn’t quite make sense? Don’t worry. Took me years to wrap my brain around this concept. But living is growing. Growing is adapting the ability to understand. Understanding is the foundation of acceptance. Acceptance is love and maturity. It’s all a cycle. One we all experience but not the same way.

So I ask you to “Live a little….” and breathe. Nothing. No thing last forever….


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