Jonesi What? Jonesi Who?

Salve (Hello)!

Back at it again……

Why? Because I need “it”. Need what you ask? TO WRITE! It’s who I am, what I enjoy and probably the purpose for my existence. But to be honest, it comes with an overwhelming pressure. The pressure to say the right things, the right way, to the right people, at the right moment. Right, right, Right, right, RIGHT! *sigh* So, I’ve decided to “Chris Brown” the pressures of “Rightness” – no, not that….”Give it the deuces….Say bye, bye*. {Getcha mind out the evil gutter *evil grin*}

I had a grown woman epiphany awhile ago that somehow slips my mind more frequently than I can retain it; that I can only be ME. There’s no fun in being flawless, which by the way, isn’t even possible – a mental FYI for those who were unaware {you’re welcome!}. And the journey towards it is an exhausting waste of energy. People pleasing is problematic. So, my goal is to please myself….hoping to make some folks happy and/or help them alone the way. The one whom I owe my existence to is what matters above all I could ever say, do and accomplish on this earth. This blog is MY world filled with MY words. Kapeesh? Glad we’re all on the same page…..*muah*


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    I see you got the Jonesi spot over here poppin! Let me know if you want me to link to it in your blog post.

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